Chili Mix Entrepreneur Gets Noticed

At first glance Cindy Reed’s kitchen seems normal, however it is anything but that. For starters, the staff from ‘Throwdown with Bobby Flay’ walked through this very same kitchen at one point, reports

Wilkins is the only person to win back to back Terlingua International Chili Championships. She is also the woman who challenged iron chef Bobby Flay in a televised Throwdown to see who makes the best chili. So who won?

“I am the only tie of all the episodes,” said Wilkins

And yet, its here in the kitchen of her Meyerland-area home, that Wilkins perfects her craft.

Five years ago, the former marketing and sales manager quit her job and start selling her championship chili mix.

“It’s a family business- family owned and operated,” she said. “My mom helps with shows and festivals and taking internet sales orders.”

An old bedroom serves as company headquarters, where Wilkins takes, fills and ships internet orders. This is also where she donates her “ready made chili” to soldiers overseas.

“We send this over to the troops as well, it makes a great MRE.”

Photo from Cin Chili & Company

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