Single Mom Stretchs Her Way Into The Pilates Biz

When her marriage ended Alicia Kavon decided to go to school and finish her bachelors degree. With a major in dance and a minor in fine arts, she fully intended to become a dance instructor when she graduated. However, with a little nudging from her friend, she became a Pilates instructor instead, reports The Commercial Appeal.

Now in her fifth year as a successful business owner of Pilates Central on York Avenue, she feels she can breathe more easily. Business is steady and her job allows her the flexibility to be a mom first.

Kavon and daughter, Sophia, 13, spend free time riding bikes through their Cooper-Young neighborhood, reading and looking for books at Burke’s Bookstore, taking their dog to the park, baking cakes from a Julia Child cookbook and cooking meals together. The mother-daughter team, who opt not to own a TV, are planning a trip to Paris for the late spring or summer. They look forward to visiting the art museums, exploring the city on foot and stopping by the boutiques on the Champs-Elysees to window shop.

Photo by khatawat

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