IFA Public Affairs Conference To Feature NBC Political Director

IFA’s 11th Annual Public Affairs Conference Sept.


Many Routes To Franchise Biz Opportunities

The traditional route of starting a business on your own is not always the route taken to Franchising, for example, the Business Franchise can be stated in many ways.

The Little Square That Changed Lives Turns 30

The little yellow square of paper that changed lives was actually the product of an engineering mistake by 3M scientists who accidentally stumbled upon an adhesive like none other that could stick and be repositioned on just about any surface.


New in the Directory This Week

One of the often overlooked sections of this website is our directory.


The Promise Of Franchising

A franchise system is a collaboration agreement between two independent business parts, the franchisor and the franchisee, whereby the franchisor allows the franchisee the right to use his brand name, products and services, and specific know-how in exchange for direct or indirect payments to the franchisor by the franchisee.


Cool Idea: IntraGo

Soon you’ll drive yourself to the train station, and someone else will pick up the car and drive it to the store and the doctor.


Flying On Cloud 9

“Go lie on a beach in Rio and collect royalties,” he explains of the term he coined.


Before You Lose Your Cell Phone

Losing a phone can cost more than the price of a replacement.


Mompreneur Says No To Unhealthy Kid Drinks

Karen Barth, a Harvard Business School graduate and former beverage industry consultant had a revolutionary idea.

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