Risk And Reward Of Franchising


Since the first Margaritas Mexican restaurants opened in 1985, the company has taken a go-slow approach to growth. “Deliberately so,” said Bob Hoffmeister, Margaritas president and chief operating officer.

During the past quarter century, Margaritas has grown to 19 restaurants in New England — including locations in Portsmouth, Exeter and Dover — with two more set to open in Massachusetts in the next three months. They are all company-owned. Hoffmeister said the company’s founders, John and David Pelletier, set up a growth formula based on available opportunities in targeted locations with a premium on conversion of existing properties.

Now Margaritas, which is one of the largest private restaurant employers in the state, is ready to embark on a franchising campaign that could substantially increase the size of the company in the next decade.

Margaritas, which has its headquarters in Portsmouth, has taken quiet but substantial steps to position itself for the company’s evolution. Hoffmeister, who joined in 2008, has been part of an experienced management team specifically put in place to move the company into franchising. Read full post here.

Photo: Deb Cram.

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