The Resumator: Recruiting Made Simpler

For small businesses and startups, hiring is extra work, and no one’s expertise. Someone is usually “deputized” to manage the hiring process, and this person (the CEO, office manager, or “unlucky stiff”) usually has no formal experience in recruiting. As a result, the hiring practices used by these “deputized HR managers” are usually ad-hoc and inefficient.

To date, the vast majority of these “deputized” HR managers are simply using a job description and an HR email address to attempt to recruit top talent. Between hiring costly recruiters, paying for job postings, and printing, sorting, and distributing resumes, recruitment in small organizations is not as efficient, nor as effective as it could be.

The Resumator helps these deputized HR people save time and money on hiring by instantly replacing the inefficiency of their HR inbox with an online recruiting platform for promoting jobs and reviewing resumes. It returns the time they waste managing a cluttered inbox full of resumes by providing Web-based tools that make hiring paper-free and collaborative. And by driving free traffic to their jobs, The Resumator virtually eliminates the need to purchase expensive listings on job sites. And once resumes are submitted, The Resumator converts all incoming resumes into a searchable database and makes each one viewable right in the browser. A team can then simply sign in to collaborate and discuss, rank and track pre-sorted applicants.

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