App Millionaires: The Brothers Behind Doodle Jump

Developers are eager to use the iPad as a chance to sell more expensive apps. But you can do just fine selling software at 99 cents a pop. Just ask Igor and Marko Pusenjak.

In the last year, the two brothers have sold 3.5 million copies of Doodle Jump, a simple and addictive game, via Apple’s iTunes store. That accomplishment may make them the world’s most successful iPhone and iPod touch developers, reports All Things Digital.

It has certainly made them a lot of money.

The Pusenjaks’ company, Lima Sky, is a two-man operation they run out of their homes in New York and Croatia. A part-time illustrator helps them out, and they’ve recently started contracting with some freelancers for help with tasks like business development. But that’s about it for expenses.

So after Apple takes its 30 percent, the Pusenjaks have cleared more than $1 million a piece, before taxes.

How’d they do it?

A good game helps a lot. And Doodle Jump is a bunch of fun. But iTunes has more than 140,000 apps competing for users’ time and wallets, so breaking through the clutter is just as important.

I sat down with Igor Pusenjak last week to talk about his success, and you can see the interview at the bottom of this post. It’s a long clip, because I really like hearing Igor talk. But if you’re rushing to crank out new apps for the iPad, you may be time-pressed. So here are some key takeaways.

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Photo by Lima Sky.

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