Young Adults Becoming Serial Entrepreneurs

Trendspotting recently released reports stating that individuals between the ages of 55-64 are the most likely to start their own businesses. Additionally their analysis revealed that adults between the ages of 20-24 are the least likely to start their own businesses, with the average age of entering the entrepreneurial fold being 39.

Fortunately, a Professor out of Belmont University gave great insight into the possibility of those numbers being proven wrong for the year 2010. In the last year alone his university’s graduating seniors nearly tripled the number of small business start ups as compared to the previous year.

The technological advances of the past decade have made it easier for Gen Y to start internet based businesses at the click of a button. Ultimately young adults are aiming high when planning for their futures, and many refer to themselves as serial entrepreneurs.

Getting wind of the business owning interests of the current generation, ACFN, the ATM Franchise Business based in California, “we have set our sights on bringing in a number of young franchisees to help the business grow over the long term”. President and Founder of ACFN Jeff Kerr says. Full article.

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