From Necessity To Baby Sling Business

Robyn Collar’s life is filled with ‘what ifs’. What if she hadn’t dropped out of school? What if her children hadn’t been born with special needs? What if she’d had all the money she needed to buy baby supplies? If she hadn’t lead the life she had, she wouldn’t be the owner of a million dollar business says

But those were the struggles facing the Chicago transplant when she decided to design a baby carrier that would simplify her life, even just a little bit.

“My kids were born with some severe birth defects, and between the two of them, my hands were pretty full,” she said. “Both were in diapers and my son had some bonding issues to the point where I couldn’t put him down even just to change my daughter’s diaper. I needed to find a solution, quick.”

Because her husband, Casey Collar, was supporting the family on his $11-per-hour wage at Home Depot, Robyn Collar couldn’t afford to buy a baby carrier. And even if she could buy one, she was turned off by the flowery prints and frilly designs that were out there.

“I don’t know, I guess I’m different,” she said. “I’m more of a tattooed, New Age kind of mom.”

So even though the most complicated thing she ever sewed was curtains, Robyn Collar got out her sewing machine and began creating.

Robyn Collar wore her homemade carrier when she went out shopping and got so many compliments on it, she decided to invest $40 and see whether she could sell one or two on eBay.

They sold immediately. So she made more. And even more, Collar believes, because she offers custom prints and colors.

“The most conservative mom to the most punk rock mom could find something she loves,” Collar said.

Photo by BabyHawk

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