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Herbalife International of America, Inc. has launched its first consumer print and outdoor advertising campaign with UNIT design collective as part of the ‘Herbalife 30th Anniversary Campaign’ to increase brand awareness throughout the U.S. market about the company as a global leader in nutrition.

The campaign copy is bold—declaring, ‘This is Herbalife.’ Yet its message is simple ‘Nutrition.’ Creative from the campaign features images of the many international teams, athletes and sporting events sponsored by Herbalife year after year, some of which include the LA Galaxy, Inter Milan and the Los Angeles Triathlon.

“UNIT’s goal was to develop a campaign that synthesized awareness of the Herbalife name and identity with its very successful global sports sponsorship program,” said Shardul Kiri, partner at UNIT design collective. “We are confident this consumer-focused print and outdoor campaign will have an incredible buzz building impact for Herbalife that will spark curiosity and leave people wanting to know more about the brand and its products.”

Logo from Herbalife

Originally posted by Angela Shupe on April 13, 2010 in MLM Site.


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