Americans Pay More For Mobile Apps

TechBeat reports that consumers in North America pay more by far for mobile applications than people in all other regions of the world, according to a new study by wireless consultant Chetan Sharma. The study was commissioned by Getjar, a company that sells downloadable software for mobile phones.

Last year, North American consumers paid an average $1.09 per application, compared with less than 20 cents in many other regions, according to Sharma.

As a result, U.S. app purchasers accounted for more than 50% of total global app revenue, even though Asians downloaded more applications.

To come up with his estimates, Sharma interviewed 20 large industry players, including carriers, content providers and handset makers.

The upshot is that for now, the U.S. remains the land of plenty for app developers, according to Sharma. At $1.09, North America has the highest average price per application in the world.

Average purchase price in many other regions stands at below 20 cents, according to Sharma.

Photo by iphonebuzz.

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