Arbonne International, a direct seller of skin care and color cosmetics has updated its liquid foundation and make-up primer with the help of US-based Fusion Packaging.

According to Fusion Packaging, the revamp included both the reformulation and repackaging of the products.

“Arbonne was facing challenges with its product formulas clogging in the traditional dip tube pump and it wanted to update the overall look of the items with more modern aesthetics,” Casey Allen, marketing manager at Fusion Packaging told USA.

Arbonne chose to upgrade its product packaging from glass to plastic, the main reason for which was the company’s desire to use an airless dispensing system, according to Allen.

Airless packaging has become a popular choice for skin care products, as it helps to preserve the formulation as well as ensuring that nearly 100 percent of the product is evacuated.

To complete the packaging makeover, the actuator, collar and cap were sprayed gunmetal gray, and the Arbonne logo was debossed on the top of the cap.

Logo from Arbonne

Originally posted by Angela Shupe on May 18, 2010 in MLM Site.


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