DVD Kiosks Are A British Blockbuster

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With forty two DVD kiosks now in operation, The Movie Booth is gaining a foothold in the UK and Irish DVD rental market. The company installs their DVD machines into retail stores and base their business model on offering price and convenience to consumers.

Individual kiosks are managed by a number of operators across the UK and Ireland. The operators have full control over the kiosk and make all decisions on pricing, stock and marketing. The easy to manage business opportunity has proved attractive to investors, and The Movie Booth is looking to grow their base of operators nationwide.

The central success of The Movie Booth concept has been the response to the concept from customers who are tired of waiting for their movies to arrive in the post or can’t afford to spend £4 per night on renting a movie from a traditional store. Offering the ultimate in convenience – customers can get everything they need for a night in from one place – has been a huge incentive to busy consumers of the 21st Century. Read full post here.

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