Made In America, With Pride

Everybody has dreams. Steve Granade’s is more streets like his own in Countryside that’s decked out with flags sprouting from two dozen curbside mailboxes.

“I see waves of mailbox flags spreading from neighborhood to neighborhood,” said the 55-year-old hobbyist-inventor of a $4 stick-on bracket that makes it possible. “People turned to displaying the flag to feel better after 9/11. Maybe this can help bring the country together again.”

And help this would-be home marketer snag a few bucks launching what might turn into the next patriotic fad.

With a name pronounced like a handheld explosive, Granade has a history of inventing stuff you didn’t know you need. Like the suntan lotion applicator for remote corners of your back. Or in days when pay phones were plentiful, his thoughtful “call me” $1 greeting cards scripted with appropriate prose and a slot to store a quarter. And don’t forget edible Flubb’s Fishing Worms made from gummi candy.

“It took me three years to develop the quick-stick flag bracket because every part had be made in the USA,” said Granade, an Auburn University grad who sells the bracket online at “I had distributors interested early, but they all wanted it made in China.”

Photo by Beverly & Pack

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