NBA Cooks Up Edible Logos

Wish you could get a Boston Celtics logo emblazoned across a pepperoni pizza that’s delivered right to your door?

Or wish you could get a Los Angeles Lakers logo on the toast that pops out of your toaster?

You can stop wishing.

According to USA TODAY, the National Basketball Association has figured out what fans are hungry for besides, for many, a Lakers-Celtics championship series: edible team logos.

The league recently signed licensing deals with companies that offer these outside-the-box food items – and more. NBA logos also are showing up on everything from headphones to gardening gloves to outdoor grills.

With sports licensing hit by the recession, major pro leagues and licensees are rolling out creative deals to attract new fans, particularly more women and teens. Retail sales of licensed sports merchandise fell 17% last year in the U.S. and Canada, estimates Ira Mayer, publisher of The Licensing Letter.

NBA executives say global merchandise sales will reach $3 billion this year, up slightly.

“It’s still tough times out there,” says Mayer. “This is not going to make up for the overall loss in the apparel business.”

Photo by NBA.

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