Newspapers Unveil Auction Site

According to a report at MediaPost, a number of newspaper and broadcast TV news Web sites have come together to create Boocoo, a national online listing and auction site with a local focus. It is intended to compete with Craigslist and EBay.

Developed by Michigan-based Ranger Data Technologies, Boocoo is a self-serve consumer-based product scheduled to launch officially on June 21, following a soft launch on some of the participating sites.

Ranger Data founder and chairman George Willard Sr. stated that Boocoo was designed “to regain revenue lost to online classified advertising and auction sites,” in part, by creating a forum for online transactions with a real auction feel.

That method contrasts with fixed price selling and retail, often the case on sites like eBay. The consortium consists of over 300 newspaper publishers with a total print audience of 22 million readers, including The Boston Herald and Austin American-Statesman and three broadcast TV sites.

The local listings are also supposed to help newspaper sites compete against free national classified sites like Craigslist, which have undermined one of their key sources of revenue over the last decade.

Photo by Boocoo.

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