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During the past few years, business owners have seen some very rough times and their employees have been loosing faith as they watch several hundred people being fired and laid off permanently. I just read an amazing article located on that had some really great ideas for keeping your remaining employees motivated.

  1. Think about upgrading certain job titles even if you are unable to increase the pay, you can always increase the pay at a later date. People appreciate and value higher titles such as assistant manager, manager and supervisor.
  2. Consider letting some employees work from home as long as their job duties allow them to. Your employees will love this one for the sheer fact that they won’t have to get up early, get dressed in business clothes and be tied to a desk all day long.
  3. Remember to keep up the weekly or even monthly meetings. This gives your employees a chance to vent and discuss their job duties and roles and provide solutions and suggestions wherever they can. In turn it makes them feel more needed within the company.

As one boss says, when people are focused on surviving, they forget that the end goal is thriving. Always be frank about current circumstances, but demonstrate a positive view of the future. You know it’s coming even if you don’t know just when that thriving future will arrive.

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