Defending Against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

CBS 12 News:

Just last year, Caitlin Brondolo and Amber Wilson died when [Amber’s] mother … left a car running in the garage both of these tragedies were accidental. One local inventor says he’s come up with a new device that can actually prevent such incidents.

Inventor Michael Cristoforo says, “this is a prototype of the device. It’s called Clear the Air now.”

Michael Cristoforo of Palm City is a part-time inventor and he has come up with a device that he says is really something, “I think it’s a lifesaver.”

His invention is a small carbon monoxide detector and it is designed to monitor the level of carbon monoxide in the garage. If for example, a car is left running in a garage, the device will automatically open the garage door to allow the carbon monoxide to escape, before the deadly vapors start to seep into the house.

He says it could’ve made a world of difference Saturday, when an 89 year old Boca raton man left his car running in the garage, and the man later died and his wife got seriously ill.

“It would’ve saved their life. It’s positively a lifesaver. It will open up that garage door and let the smoke out.”

Cristoforo gave us a quick idea of how his invention works saying, “you link it to the garage door and as soon as it detects enough level of, accelerated levels of carbon monoxide. It will open up the garage door and then it’ll have a series of, two series of 4 beeps, the first series you’ll hear now and then the second series which is gonna start any second now, that locks it out, it will not close again unless the unit is re-set.”

Photo by hoyasmeg

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