Appliance Repair Franchisee Keeps It In The Family


When Doncaster based Repair Engineer Clive Aiken was faced with finding a new employee for his Appliance Repair franchise he didn’t have to go far to find the right person, his Brother-in-law.

Clive who owns the Doncaster franchise for 0800 Repair has seen demand and business increase recently and had made the decision to take on an extra pair of hands to handle the various repairs that the company covers including washing machine Repairs, Dishwasher Repairs and a wide range of other household appliances.

Clive’s brother-in-law Steven Wilsher has been quick to learn the tricks of the trade with an engineering background from his previous job as a civil engineer in the railway industry and with relevant training from Clive he is now ready to assist with the many repair jobs that Clive’s franchise covers in the Doncaster and South Yorkshire area.

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