Stop Using The “Bad Thing” Label

Whenever something happens that is not in line with our desires, we get disappointed. We stick the label “bad thing” on it. And when we do, we experience it as such. In truth, we do not know whether something unexpected is “good” or “bad,” and we may never know, writes Success magazine.

When Greyston Bakery filled its first order for brownies for Ben & Jerry’s, the thin brownie sheets stuck together in 50-pound lumps and could not be separated.

You could certainly label this a “bad thing.”

But Ben pondered what to do and ultimately Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream was born– one of Ben & Jerry’s most popular products.

So don’t stick a label “bad thing” on whatever happens to you that you don’t like initially. Who knows, that may be the very thing that you need to break out into a brilliant new future.

Photo by carolinanissans.

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