Mom’s Own Goat Soap

Shannon Wiggins had a long list of things she’d never do. She never wanted to get married, have kids or own animals. So you might be surprised to find that she lives on a farm with a husband and five children. Besides running a farm she also sells various goat milk soaps reports Peninsula Daily News.

Their farm is where Wiggins learned to make goat’s milk soap, in part because all four of her daughters have sensitive skin.

She’s built a business in which she markets Galloping Goats soaps — from rosemary-mint to black licorice to lilac to patchouli-scented “Happy Hippie” — to a devoted following.

Wiggins had long wanted to make goat’s milk soap but was apprehensive about working with lye and so spent a year studying the process. She’s been making soap for five years now.

“I figured out the formula I like in the first few months. Now I get to play with color and scent,” Wiggins said. “I ask the kids: ‘What color does this smell like?’

“It’s a creative outlet,” she said, adding that her offspring provide her with good, fresh input.

Photos from Galloping Goats Farm

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