5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Are Taking The Plunge

Why are entrepreneurs starting new businesses in record numbers? The first chapter of Clate Mask’s new book, Conquer the Chaos, makes the case we’re in an “Entrepreneurial Revolution” and it’s happening due to five big reasons.

1. Corporate disillusionment. Downsizing, outsourcing overseas, pension scandals and general corporate irresponsibility have left employees disillusioned and embittered.

2. A technology power shift. The Internet has changed everything. You no longer need a bricks-and-mortar shop on which to hang out your shingle.

3. The promise of overnight success. As aspiring entrepreneurs look around, they see friends, acquaintances, high school rivals and even past (less-savvy?) co-workers making it on their own.

4. An expanding work force. Speaking of those baby boomers, many of them are entering the ranks of entrepreneurship.

5. The recession. This is a biggie that’s been driving a lot of entrepreneurial activity over the last couple years.

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