American Basketball Association Sports Marketing

Sports marketing and licensing brands are growing niches in the consumer marketing industry.

The ABA, a well-known brand developed over 40 years ago when the American Basketball Association was first launched, is in the midst of expansion. The colorful basketball and ABA league logo are well known to millions of people.

The ABA was relaunched in 2000 and is now the largest Pro sports league in the United States with teams in over 70 cities. The league has grown quietly over the past ten years and has remained under the radar until recently. Now that’s about to change.

This year the ABA league added a new revenue focused division as part of its new growth strategy to help build ABA brand awareness. The new division is called ABA Pro Sports Marketing.

ABA Pro Sports Marketing was established to build branding relationships and licensing partnerships to create a stable Revenue Model for all of its ABA member teams and their surrounding communities. A big part of the new ABA’s success will be creating closer community ties, strong charitable funding programs that are sustainable and sponsor partnerships with local business that are win-win for all involved.

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