A reader asked:

I have so enjoyed your website, and wait for each new emailed updated information. I have been trying to research ( I am one of those people) more about Property Field Inspection. First I am a woman, second every thing I bring up is about the Mechanical Inspection or Appraisal of property.

After spending months researching endless possibilities, this business appeals to me the most. Working alone and travel who can beat that! I have tried many endless business opportunities that went okay, but not enough to keep food on the table. I would love to know more about this type of business, any suggestions?

Chuck Huckaby, our work at home guru responded:

Many people are interested in Field Inspection as a possible business opportunity. In answer to your question, “Yes” Field Inspection is a “real” or “legitimate” business.

Field inspection generate cash by paying the inspector a small fee per inspection. These inspections may be for insurance companies to make sure that homes insured are actually being occupied. Or they may be for insurers or lenders making sure an asset to be insured does in fact exist as described.

In up markets, one type of firm may be hiring field inspectors (e.g. insurance companies). In down markets another type of firm may be hiring field inspectors (e.g. those liquidating foreclosed properties). The question is whether you can position yourself with the right companies at the right times.

Profitability often seems to come

  1. By representing a number of companies
  2. By maximizing efficiency of the “route” to save cash outlays (the inspector pays all expenses out of gross revenue)
  3. By developing ways to make money while running the route (i.e. buying and reselling used goods for example)

Interest in the field seems to be picking up at this time.

Talking to field inspectors currently working in the field may indicate that they do not consider the market too “rosy” right now. Can you be more efficient? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

You may be able to start this business part time. I would suggest you try that to get a feel for the business.

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Originally posted by Dane Carlson on July 26, 2010 in Ask the Readers / Featured.


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