As a Mary Kay consultant, Kelly Taddeo is in the business of making women beautiful. But when she took her cancer-survivor mother to a Hello Gorgeous! event, a chance to make a difference became clear to her.

Hello Gorgeous! of HOPE Inc. is a nonprofit organization that gives makeovers to women who are struggling through cancer treatment — from hairstyling to massages to makeup.

Since realizing her chance to contribute, Taddeo said she has been able to raise $10,000 worth of Mary Kay cosmetics to help the makeover process.
“I love how I can involve the business that I do, which is about helping women enrich their lives and helping women through cosmetics and skin care, and how I can use that to give back to the women that are fighting cancer,” Taddeo said.

Logo from Mary Kay

Originally posted by Angela Shupe on August 3, 2010 in MLM Site.


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