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UPDATE: Lemonade Entrepreneur

Now, she has $1,838.31 — enough to bankroll a trip to Disneyland for her mother and her later this month.

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Inventors Can Partner To Win

As Chief Internet Officer, Weinstein is responsible for finding products, driving website traffic and increasing internet revenue, as well as ensuring effective online creative development and execution for more than 200 websites that offer thousands of products ranging from collectibles and horticulture to cosmetics and “As-Seen-On-TV” general merchandise.


Entrepreneur Enters The Flea Market Business

He also operates a pet salon, crab shack, and a real estate business, among other wide-ranging interests, and he says he has leveraged these in opening the new market.


Pedestrian Signage Banned

Great Lakes Gold Rush hires women 18 and older to wear thigh-high shorts and T-shirts to promote its business.


The Rich Future Of Gourmet Chocolate

“I believe it will happen in my lifetime, but I expect I’ll be ordering the fruit tart for a long time,” Frappier said last week as he planned a presentation to a group of 25 Harmons food store department heads who are about to allocate shelf space for at least three lines of his imported, ultra-premium chocolate bars.


Wi-Fi Off The Menu

Although these coffee shops were some of the first retail businesses to offer free Wi-Fi in an effort to lure customers away from major chains like Starbucks, many are finding, perhaps not unsurprisingly to anyone who’s jockeyed for a table in an independent coffee shop, that Wi-Fi freeloaders who camp out all day nursing a single cup of coffee are a drain on the bottom line.


Cool Invention: RuMe Cuff

Perfect for coffee drinkers without pockets.


For The Price Of A Tweet

Developed by Innovative Thunder, Pay with a Tweet bills itself as “the first social payment system where people pay with the value of their social network.” In other words, rather than paying with currency, purchasers of any kind of content tell their friends on Twitter about it instead.


Business Fights Lice Head On

Licenders is the premier service for the professional screening and removal of head lice, using our own line of all natural products.


Scentsy Makes 2010 List Of Top 100 Direct Sales Companies

Scentsy, Inc., a rapidly growing home fragrance company, is No.

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