Secrets Of Top eBay Sellers

Carrie Kirby over at recently had the chance to hear four Top Rated Sellers, all people who make their living selling merchandise on eBay and even hire employees to help them do so, share their secrets.

They block problem customers, and even shoppers who ask negative questions.

Cindy Shebley: “I think that it’s the worst customer service ever, to say don’t come in the door, (but) I can’t take a chance because if I lose my top seller status, I’ll lose my search engine rankings.”

They streamline the listing and sale process to increase their hourly earnings.

Lynn Dralle: “Never clean anything. I say in every listing, not cleaned.” Plus, don’t waste much time on descriptions, because “nobody reads them.” Finally, have an assembly line set up so you can photograph and list items in batches.

They automate or delegate so they can focus on their passion.

Lynn Dralle: Going out and finding stuff is fun, and I pay someone else to do everything I don’t like.

They buy low, sell high.

All the power sellers said they constantly get asked where they get the stuff they sell. The answers: Garage sales, Craigslist, and businesses unloading unsold inventory.

Photo by liewcf.

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