21st Century Back-To-School Supplies

These are NOT your father’s back-to-school supplies.

The Zip-it pencil case can be unzipped all the way for fun as a jump rope or can be used as a sturdy pencil case.

The Talkatoo
Allows you (or Mom) to record 30-second messages. The pendant comes in several funky designs and can be clipped on a backpack.

Crayola Dry-Erase Crayons
Crayons can be used on dry-erase boards and don’t have that crayon smell.

Paper Mate Biodegradable Pens And Pencils
Once this pen runs out of ink, you can pull it apart and bury the casings in your backyard, where it will decompose in a year.

MasterLock Speed Dial Lock
If you suffer from lock stress or have trouble remembering your combination, this lock can help. It opens with a sequence of up, down, right and left clicks and can be customized with stickers.

Via: The Washington Post

Photos by Washington Post.

Editor’s note: As a kid I loved the 64 crayon box with the built-in sharpener and I could have used the Speed Dial Lock. I was always forgetting my locker combination during Christmas break.

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