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It’s often heard in the mompreneur circle that it is our duty to buy mom-made so we can support women that are just like us. Why not? For many women our first few products or services sold were purchased by people close to us and those who supported what we do. Moms who know what it is like in business like to help their fellow mompreneurs by buying what they have to sell. A new website, Berry Best Moms, has created a place where mompreneurs can list their products for sale so supporters can buy them reports

The central location for products by and for active mothers hopes to highlight the creativity and ingenuity of the items. The site offers 120 different products from mothers all over the world, from Australia to the United States.

“We want you to love them too, and feel that the best way to make sure we are offering you the very best products is to keep ourselves, as a business, completely independent from manufacturing our own products, or advocating a specific political or religious point of view,” said founder Kim Lemmonds. “The only opinions that matter here are those involving the products we carry. We don’t have an agenda — other than presenting you with the best mom-invented products out there.”

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