A Dream For Beautiful Hair

In Van Tibolli’s early years it became apparent to Harold Leighton, writing for The Epoch Times, that he had formed a vision.

Ván Tibolli is young and vital, with the charm of a Brazilian polo player. He also exerts the tenacity and willpower to make his the best company in the world in the field of taming and smoothing hair.

Born in Brazil, he went to a public school and started to work selling ice cream at the early age of 13. He moved into construction when he was 16 and then into the supermarket and restaurant industries. He was 19 years old when he left Brazil for the most adventurous experience of his life–with almost no money in his pocket.

A couple of years later, when he was going back to Brazil, one of his friends asked him to bring back Brazilian keratin that salons there were using. He watched the hairdresser applying this product. Everyone who got their hair smoothed would not stop talking about how great the treatment was. He realized the business potential of supplying keratin outside Brazil.

The product seemed to work just as the word of mouth among Brazilian style seekers was saying. He saw that the people who had received the treatment still had smooth and shiny hair weeks later.

He shipped some product to the United States and began to sell it door to door to the South American beauty salons. Ván Tibolli was forward-thinking, so he began to practice with hair at the salons he was selling to and picked up techniques about cutting and styling. More importantly, he studied how to use this product he was selling.

Ván Tibolli founded Global Keratin in 2006. His company now has representatives in over 45 countries with creative leaders who are American, British, Cuban, Moroccan, Algerian, Peruvian, Colombian, Brazilian, and Russian.

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