Young Entrepreneur Gets Recognition And Help For College

Next month Zachary Gosling will be majoring in business at Drexel University but right now he is already a blooming businessman reports The Philadelphia Enquirer.

In first grade, he sold rocks from his driveway to unwitting classmates, claiming that he had spiffed them up in a “rock cleaner.”

At age 8, he opened his first Scottrade account.

But his real coup came at 13, when he launched an online auction website from his bedroom in rural Denver, Pa., near Lancaster, supported by advertising and sponsorships rather than the fees charged by giant auction sites. The site got as many as five million page views per quarter just two years later. Had it not been sabotaged by hackers, its exponential rise might have given eBay pause.

Gosling and his entrepreneurial venture,, recently won honors from the National Association for the Self-Employed, which awarded him its top scholarship of $24,000. He’ll use the money to attend his dream school, Drexel.

“I want to learn more about the business side of everything. I have the technical side of it,” Gosling said.

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