Fifth Grader ‘Thinks Big’

Nate Ashcraft is well on his way to creating a reputation as an inventor and someone that likes to ‘think big’ reports TC News

His first place finish last year in the local Invention Convention and runner-up finish the year before may have helped him land an appearance for episode 12 of “Think Big” which will be aired on Canadian television next fall during season three. It is unknown yet whether the show will be picked up and aired in the United States.

Nate spent two days filming in Canada on the “Think Big” set. On Thursday, Aug. 26, Nate presented and demonstrated his invention. He was one of two featured inventors on the show. His invention was the 4849 Model, which he described as a car seat that has a metal rod wire tied onto a lift that would make the car seat go up and down, adjusting the child to the right height, so the seat belt rests on the shoulder and the lower waist. His invention was prompted by the new booster seat law in which children between the ages of four and eight and under four feet, nine inches need to stay in a booster seat. He claims his invention will keep more children safe by not having the inconvenience of moving booster seats.

The seat can be installed in cars so it will help children be safe when they are being transported by people who don’t normally have kids, such as daycare providers, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. The child is safe and people save the expense of having to buy a booster seat for the rare occasions. Plus, smaller kids don’t have to be embarrassed when still riding in one.

Photo by Shane Gavin

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