Sniffing Out Bed Bugs

Bed bugs should be on their toes, there is a beagle named Angel that is ready to sniff them out reports The Palm Beach Post.

The year-old pup is the only dog in South Florida certified by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association to sniff out live bedbugs and viable eggs, according to the organization’s website.

She works with David Trietiak of Palm Beach Gardens to sniff out the pesky blood suckers, which have surged in numbers during the past few years.

Trietiak, 35, has been in the pest extermination business for about 10 years with his company Soldiers Environmental.

When he heard about the spreading infestations of bedbugs, he started doing research and came across an article about dogs trained to sniff them out.

He opened K9 P.I. in March with Angel as his main employee.

“The more traveling that’s done, the worse the bedbugs will get,” said Trietiak, who has been on at least 100 inspections since he opened his business. “Now we’re getting into season and all these folks will be migrating south. I assure you we’ll see a huge pocket of infestations.”

Trietiak’s dog was trained with the help of University of Florida researchers through a High Springs -based facility owned by Jose “Pepe” Peruyero.

Trietiak’s company doesn’t treat the bedbugs. He recommends people read University of Florida research about treatment online before deciding on an exterminator.

Trietiak gives free estimates for an inspection depending on the size of the facility and its location. He said he usually charges by the hour.

Photo from K9 P.I.

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