One Company That Took On The Big Boys

Popchips vs. Frito-Lay
The challenge: Frito-Lay has nearly 60% of the potato chip market and has dominated the healthy-chip segment since introducing Baked Lays in 1996.

What they did: According to CNNMoney, Popchips began its campaign to upend the snack aisle in 2007. Co-founder pals Keith Belling and Pat Turpin created a cross between a potato chip and a rice cake by, well, popping potatoes like popcorn.

Because no oil is used in the popping process, Popchips have fewer calories and less than half the fat of fried potato chips.

The great taste and health factor have attracted investors like actor Ashton Kutcher and turned fans into vocal evangelists.

Popchips also distributes through outlets with cult followings of their own, like Jamba Juice and Whole Foods.

How’s business? Popchips expects to grow another 200% this year, with sales exceeding $40 million.

Photo by CNNMoney.

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