Martial Arts Venue Challenges America’s Best In The Kumite

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Retired US Army Chief Warrant Officer Dexter Kennedy has been “making people better for life” and working on his strategy to graduate tournament-level martial arts superstars to a professional best-of-the-best team championship competition for more than eight years. He is now making his National Martial Arts League (NMAL) philosophy available nationwide through franchising.

Football, amateur and professional, is perhaps the most popular spectator sport in the United States, attracting over 40 million in attendance and many more millions in television viewership each year. Imagine what would happen if every man 18+ only had to pay a registration fee to try out for an NFL team. That’s the reality in the National Martial Arts League.

The NMAL provides maximum opportunity for martial artists, male and female, ages 18-50, looking to showcase their skills as well as stay in prime physical and mental condition prior to the NMAL team tryouts. Over time NMAL franchise teams can certainly emulate the success of other professional league team franchises.

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