Opportunity Brings Out The Kid In Former Calgarian

Calgary Herald:

As the mother of an energetic child and someone who also enjoys afternoons relaxing with a latte, Ottawa resident and former Calgarian Adeline Chapron had noticed a “silent cafe culture clash” between parents and childless adults, who she says are often visibly irritated by the presence of children and strollers in Ottawa coffee shops.

“I saw moms struggling in coffee shops, where there is no room for strollers and if your child throws a tantrum, you feel you have to leave right away. Parents need a place to relax with the kids.”

She saw huge potential in this market, and in December 2009, despite the tough economic climate, Chapron opened Kid Ka, a child-friendly cafe designed for parents, caregivers and children.

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Photo: Pat McGrath, Postmedia News.

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