Election Day 2010

Gene Marks in his blog at The New York Times says many small biz owners are hoping for a change on election day.

As the election looms, President Obama continues to talk about how his administration is helping small business. But a survey issued last week said that most small-business owners are voting Republican.

Another poll finds that “nearly 80 percent of the business community believes that business interests would best be served if the Democratic Party lost majority control of either the House or the Senate.”

David Leonhardt of The New York Times says job losses overshadowed the president’s accomplishments.

The president pleads for patience with Jon Stewart and promises to start focusing on the deficit next term.

The national debt is projected to reach three times the size of the economy in 2050 and Reuters columnist James Pethokoukis doesn’t think the President’s deficit panel is on track.

Photo by salingpusa.

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