Sisters Turn Grandma’s Toffee Into Candy Business

A good butter toffee offers the consumer a sweet, crunchy treat that can be enjoyed every holiday and in between. A group of four sisters recognized that potential in their own Grandma’s recipe reports

Grandma B’s sells homemade almond butter toffee, just like how the sisters’ great-grandmother, whose nickname was Bolly, made it. Toffee is $9 for a half-pound, $16 a pound and $30 for two pounds.

Grandma B’s toffee is coated with a layer of chocolate, with almond pieces sprinkled on top. The milk chocolate layer is smooth and creamy, and the mix of almonds, butter and sugar tastes both sweet and salty before the delicate “crunch” of the finish. The bite-sized pieces make it difficult to stop with just one or two.

Grandma B’s also sells homemade peanut brittle, sugar cookies, special-order cupcakes, cheesecake balls and, wait for it, dog treats.

Victoria Schroeder and her sisters Kristin Cokens; Karrie Schroeder, an Argus Leader employee; and Nikki Schroeder, grew up eating homemade toffee, especially around Christmas.

“Our great-grandmother passed down the recipe to my mom, and my mom taught my sister Karrie how to make it. … It’s always been around,” Victoria says.

Starting the company has given the sisters a chance to spend more time together and rekindle a part of their childhood.

“They are childhood recipes that we’ve had forever,” Victoria says. “It’s nice to be able to make these items and reminisce how we used to make them when we were little. … We thought, why not share it with everyone else?”

Photo by Liz

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