When A Product Gets The Obama Effect

How the Slurpee got street cred. Easy: President Obama mentioned it.

In recent campaign speeches, Obama said Republicans stood around drinking Slurpees while Democrats did tough legislative work. And at Wednesday’s day-after-the-election press conference, he joked that he might hold a “Slurpee Summit.”

7-Eleven is jumping on the opportunity for additional buzz. Officials representing 7-Eleven contacted White House officials proposing to cater a real Slurpee Summit with red, blue, and purple (a politically ambiguous mix of red and blue) Slurpees, USA Today reports.

The company is also re-evaluating its brand strategy, and launching an ad in newspapers that plays on the idea of Slurpees bringing people together. “We don’t want to be opportunistic, but nothing has ever been this big for Slurpee,” said Margaret Chabris, a spokesperson for 7-Eleven.

Photo by 7-Eleven.

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