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The Garden State Or Gag State?

All [of these products] were invented or developed, manufactured and marketed by Samuel Sorenson Adams, whose family emigrated from Denmark and settled in Perth Amboy in the 1870s.


Mary Kay Gives Out Another Pink Caddy

When Sondra Weaver received recognition from her employer, it would suffice to say she was tickled pink, or at least her car was.


E-Romancing Your E-Reader

Together, it turns out, they are a perfect couple.” Romance is performing better than all other genres of e-books, becoming “the fastest-growing segment of the e-reading market, ahead of general fiction, mystery and science fiction.” Dominique Raccah, the publisher and chief executive of Sourcebook, has seen the success firsthand.


San Jose Entrepreneur Turns City Photos Into Totes

“It’s frustrating to look at postcards with none of the four downtown high-rises on them.


Congress’s New Entrepreneurs

Schilling’s 21-year-old son is running the pizza shop while his dad ponders his purpose as a public servant.


DC, Maryland Rank Highest For Female Biz Owners

The 2007 census figures show that women in Maryland own 33 percent of businesses, up from 31 percent in 2002, the last time the survey was conducted.


Calendar Tracks Your Emotions

We’ve shown a few clever calendars for the new year.


2011 Is Looking Pantone 18-2120 TCX

Pantone predicts that we’re about to see a lot of this color, appearing on everything from designer dresses to pillows, water bottles, nail polish, sofas and appliances.

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