VerifiedDirect Debt Resolution

Where there is debt, there is an opportunity to make money collecting it. Debt collecting has been around for many years, but now there is an opportunity that is helping people get into the business.

VerifiedDirect is home to VerifiedDebt, a business opportunity that allows people like you start your own debt collection business. They only have one agent per town, allowing that agent to reach their maximum potential with their own territory.

The opportunity, which usually costs $199, is currently free to join. The only cost you will have to pay is the $24.95 monthly service fee. For the right person, this could truly become a lucrative business in debt collections.

As an agent, there is no selling required. The only thing you need to do is the marketing. They will give you the approved marketing materials, and you do the leg work.

How to market VerifiedDebt® in your town

  1. Choose a method to Advertise as a brand builder.
  2. This should consist of a media which runs every month on a consistent basis (Local Paper or Magazine, Online Town Website Banner, and more!)
  3. Attending Chamber of Commerce and Networking Events
  4. Door Hangers
  5. Banner Sponsor at Schools/Sporting Events – program ads
  6. Business Cards at local businesses
  7. Apartment / Townhouse / Condo newsletter ads
  8. Church/ Synagogue weekly program ads
  9. Strategic Alliances with Money Centers, Collection Agencies, Accountants, Law Firms, etc.
  10. Radio/Cable TV
  11. Corporate Polo, Dress Shirt with logo

Every Town owner is helping everyone else. One town owner may be passing out business cards everywhere they go, while another may have multiple ads in town. Another may be aggressive with door hangers while others may have banner ads on their towns community website. There are no bad ways, just better ones.

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