College Grad Realizes Life Long Dream In Manufacturing

As soon as Paul DeWys turned 15 years old, he went out and got a work permit. That was only the first step he needed to take to realize his life long dream in manufacturing. Now, at 22 years old, he is the owner of his own business: DeWys Industrial Design.

Paul got his start before he even managed to finish college. Having graduated in May, his business is now in full swing. According to, he would like to open up a manufacturing plant too.

That entrepreneurial spirit started as he watched his father build a sheet metal fabrication business, DeWys Manufacturing, in his barn in Marne.

“Ever since I was old enough to contemplate what I wanted to do with my life, it involved what my father did – entrepreneurship,” DeWys said.

It has been a busy road to get to the point of obtaining contracts for his DeWys Industrial Design, where he develops products from military equipment to bear-proof food containers.

After graduating, he sought accounts for his business through cold calls. Working as much as 70 hours a week from home in Ravenna Township, he then decided to set up an office at 7407 State Road in Coopersville.

The company is busy enough to occasionally use interns who learn Catia at Coopersville High School.

“I see the world ripe with opportunity,” he said.

Screenshot from DeWys Industrial Design

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