Making Money Through Debt Resolution

Last week we posted a profile discussing VerifiedDirect and their biz op,VerifiedDebt, a debt resolution business opportunity. This week I asked Mark Hyman a few questions about the business and the inspiration behind it.

Tell us a little about Verified Direct.

Verified Direct is the Marketing Company for VerifiedDebt®. VerifiedDebt® was started in 2009. Started in partnership with a Law Firm with more than 18 years in the Debt Industry.

What inspired it?

Looking at many of the companies in the Industry and the negatives reviews of debt companies, we saw an opportunity to build a solid debt company where we would truly help our clients.

Tell us about the opportunity you offer. How does it work?

Verified Direct offers the opportunity for one local agent per town. The agent only is responsible for marketing.

What is included, and how much does it cost?

[You can get] started today for FREE and we will waive the $199 Membership Application Fee. After the first 30 days there is a monthly software charge of $24.95 each month. This fee provides your own personal website with your name and phone number, all leads that sign up on your website go to your email, *The Exclusive right to Your Towns VerifiedDebt® Office Location, hosting of your website, entrance to private members only e-mails, training webinars and more!

What separates your opportunity from the competition?

The managing partners are Financial Professionals with experience in Law, Finance and the Banking Industry. We are very supportive to our agents and always are only an email and phone call away.

What are some goals you hope to accomplish over the next year or so?

With less than 200 agents in the United States, we will be offering this opportunity in Canada and plan on having about a 1000 more agents in 2011.

What are some lessons that your business has taught you?

Go with what you know, learn from past mistakes. We are in a business helping people get back on track, getting out of debt and building equity.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

There is so much potential in this Industry and if an agent wants to commit the time, they can build a great career truly helping people. Your greatest referrals will come from your clients.

Any advice you’d like to offer anyone that is considering your business opportunity?

With the growth of this Industry and Many Colleges and Universities now offering courses, you can be confident being a VerifiedDebt® Agent is a sound business decision for you and your family.

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