Drawing From Inspiration

Sometimes inspiration can come from the most unlikely of situations. According to USA Today, Becca Brown was inspired on prom night when her spiked heels sunk into the ground.

A decade later, Brown offered her business school classmate an unusual idea for an entrepreneurship project: “Becca turned to me and said, ‘Why is there nothing to stop heels from sinking into the grass?’ ” recalls Monica Ferguson Murphy.

Murphy, who had wobbled on shoe stems herself, knew Becca was on to something. The two pitched the concept of a high heel stabilizer/protector cap for the class. After graduation, they followed up on the offbeat idea.

They dived into Internet research and built up resources that enabled them to create a cap prototype, product packaging, and an e-commerce site. “It’s been scary and stressful,” says Murphy, but also successful.

The duo have sold more than 100,000 pairs of their SoleMates brand cap. Oprah Winfrey’s O magazine called the concept “ingenious,” and the founders just signed a national distribution deal with wedding retailer David’s Bridal.

Photo from SoleMates

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