Success Stories: Edible Arrangements’ Tariq Farid

Success Magazine:

As founder and CEO of Edible Arrangements, 41-year-old Tariq Farid has a simple idea of turning random pieces of fresh pineapple, strawberries and cantaloupe into flower-like masterpieces, and it has transformed both his life and the lives of countless franchise owners who share his dream.

Farid’s career began at none other than his local McDonald’s restaurant. “McDonald’s was the best job I ever had,” says Farid, who came to the United States from Pakistan at age 11. “They had systems for everything, from the way you would smile to how the burgers should be flipped. It taught me much about business and how things should run.”

One day, Farid’s father came across an ad in the local paper for an East Haven, Conn., flower shop that had closed down. After borrowing $3,000 from a family friend and taking a cash advance for the remaining $3,000, Farid’s father handed the shop over to 17-year-old Farid. Continue reading this post.

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