Young Entrepreneur Knits Her Path To Europe

According to, Dagny Mochalski’s small knitting business is the first step in helping her pay for a $7,000 trip with People to People. At 14 years old, she has high hopes over reaching this goal.

The Coulee Montessori eighth-grader is hoping the knitted hats, scarves, footbags and iPod holders she’s selling through Coulee Arts Marketplace will give her a good jump start on the travel kitty.

Dagny is by far the youngest cooperative member, said Barbara Kooiman, another member.

Dagny, who has been knitting since first grade, said mostly it is just something to do. But when the possibility of the People to People trip was presented to her, she decided she needed to turn her hobby into a moneymaker.

Now that she’s joined, the plan is to knit, knit, knit throughout the winter.

Come spring, she and her family will sell at farmers markets and hold a rummage sale or two, she said. “I’ll probably do errands for neighbors and anything else I can think to do.”

Photo by girlwparasol

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