RIP Rich Whittle

Longtime Business Opportunities Weblog blogger Rich Whittle passed away in his home in Florida last week.

Burger King Debuts First Stuffed Burger

Burger King rolled out the latest in its fast food novelties: the BK Stuffed Steakhouse burger.

Celebrity Franchise Players

We all know from the photos in celebrity magazines that famous people walk their dogs, go to the gym, attend their kids’ Little League games and get pulled over for speeding exactly like us regular folk who don’t make $20 million on every movie or record deal.

HouseMaster Educates Savvy Homebuyers On How To Safely Buy A Foreclosed Property

When the real estate market is in flux, buying a foreclosed home can be one of the best deals around.

Hampton Hotels Tops Entrepreneur’s List Of The Best Franchises

Hampton Hotels came out on top of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2011 list of the best franchises.


21st Century Love Notes

Green says he got the idea for the site when, as a college student short on cash, he started it as an inexpensive gift for his girlfriend at the time.

Action Today Successful Franchisee David Goulding

I have been working in the engineering field all my life and came to a point when I thought I really didn’t want to be doing the same thing until I retire.


Free Google AdWords Credit

If you use Google AdWords, or have been looking for an excuse to give it a try, one of you is in luck.


Financial Success Strategies For Everyone

Step #1: Be honest with yourself.