Mompreneur Awarded For Portable Potty Innovation

When your child needs to go, they really need to go. The need is never more urgent than when they’re in the process of potty training. At the beach or in the car, Amanda Jenner soon noticed a need for a portable potty that wouldn’t take up much room or leak when used. Not willing to give up, she created the My Carry Potty.

Amanda launched her business in 2009. It has been two short years, and her business couldn’t be better. She’s recently been recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year in Dorset, U.K for her product.

Jenner devised and launched My Carry Potty in 2009 as an innovative, portable and self-contained solution to potty training young children. My Carry Potty is now stocked in more than 80 independent and 40 web-based stores in the U.K., with 22,000 units sold to date. My Carry Potty is being distributed in the United States by Regal Lager, and made its debut at the ABC Expo in October.

“To be named Entrepreneur of the Year is amazing, and for Dorset as well, it means so much to me, as I have worked really hard, and to be recognized for it makes it all worthwhile,” said Jenner. “The prospects on the back of this award, I hope, will generate wider interest to help drive my product even further.”

Screenshot from My Carry Potty

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