Interviews with the Makers of Football Swag

It seems that there was some sort of big football game yesterday. Did you watch?

AOL Small Business has up interesting profiles of both Gregg McArthur, the manufacturer of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Terrible Towels, and Ralph Bruno the maker of the Green Bay Packers’ Cheeseheads.

One interesting question from McArthur’s interview was “Is the towel business steady?”

It changes. Every year is different. Right now there’s a worldwide cotton shortage, so we’re never sure what’s in store year-to-year, but towels don’t change and it’s premium advertising space. Sponsorship is great for teams and every season more and more franchises are interested. It’s a good way to ensure fans see the sponsors. For the NFC Championship, we did 60,000 towels for the Bears and there were four different sponsors. They lost, but the message still got out there.

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  1. I appreciate the detail in this article. Well written and too the point!