Leg Bone Cane

Bob of Sauquoit, NY, designed this leg bone cane that he sells on eBay. They’re made of polycarbonate and available in a variety of lengths.

used this cane when I had my hip replaced and couldn’t believe the attention I got from strangers. About ten people a day would make comments or ask questions like: Where did you ever find such a neat cane? I love your cane, where can I get one like that? I have never seen anything like it. Your cane is a riot. Now that’s a unique cane. hat is soooo funny. “I love it”. My doctor would love that cane. I am a serious cane collector and I have never seen anything like it, anywhere!

It definitely turns heads and make people smile. The unique leg bone design makes it a hit with everyone because people can relate to it. It is made of polycarbonate and is in new condition. Whether you know a person who would like this cane as a gift, you need a cane yourself or you simply want a novel walking stick that will give you years of enjoyment, this is the cane to own. It is a great cane for a “biker” because it is waterproof and almost indestructible. The cane can be cut to give you lengths from 38” to 32”. As a general rule divide yur height in inches by two. Remember the saying, “He who hesitates is lost”.

The starting bid for the cane is $100, and shipping is $14.

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