Granite Transformation Capitalises On Consumer Shift

The Franchise Magazine:

The economic downturn has lead to more homeowner investing in home improvements, which according to Granite Transformations, has had an impact on the worktop colours consumers are purchasing.

Granite Transformation states that the trend, known as ‘nesting’, where homeowners choose to spend money on their existing properties while they ride out the economic downturn has resulted in a move away from predominantly black hues to more mottled, earthen tones, as people follow their own tastes rather than market-led décor themes. The company also reports that there has also been a shift towards brighter colours with bright orange registering the biggest percentage growth.

“During the years of the housing boom and the subsequent downturn, black granite worktop finishes made up more than 50 per cent of our sales, because homeowners were choosing ‘safe’ colours that potential house buyers might prefer,” said Granite Transformations CEO Danny Hanlon. “In fact, shinny black kitchen worktops became almost a symbol of Britain’s property boom. Now, black finishes make up less than 35 per cent of our sales, as people are choosing colours that they actually want to live with over the next five or six years, as they ride out the recession.”

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